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Massage Therapy
Spa Massage

Honor offers various massage modalities, from relaxing Swedish sessions to Connective Tissue Treatments addressing pain, mobility limitations and many other issues.

Honor often incorporates basalt hot stone massage in treatment, offering pleasant relief even when tough issues require deep tissue therapy. Her sessions are often enhanced with stretches, both with client participation (active) and with passive techniques, having a client surrender muscle use during stretches and compressions.

She also uses the Deane Juhan Method to address whole body fascial release. Honor offers pregnancy massage, as well as child and infant massage. 

Currently, massages are scheduled Tuesdays and Wednesdays but if treatment becomes necessary on another day, Honor will try to accommodate if her schedule permits. A $25 fee is charged to cover additional expenses Honor must incur. Honor does not work on Saturdays but Sunday sessions can be made available, schedule permitting, with the aforementioned $25 fee to be incurred. Gift certificates are available.

Initial Intake: $110

  • Client medical history review

  • Treatment plan/goal setting

  • 1 hour massage



  • 1/2 hour - $45

  • 1 hour - $80

  • 1 1/2 hours - $110

  • 2 Hours - $150



add-on therapies:

BEMER Treatment

8 minute session


Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

2 hour session


Neck & face MLD
added to massage

5 minute session

Add $35

Chiropractic & Massage Work Better Together

Chiropractors adjust or manipulate misaligned bones and joints to remove stress, especially nerve stress. Massage Therapy removes muscle stress.

Muscles attach to the bones and joints affecting alignment integrity. That is where the connection is made. We believe that offering a choice to our patients to utilize both therapies simultaneoulsy they receive a synergetic effect.

Our patients benefit a number of ways by combining chiropractic care and massage therapy. Recovery is normally much faster. Correction of one's structure often occurs more easily and with less discomfort. The positive results of chiropractic care lasts longer when muscle tension is released, which might otherwise pull one's structure back out of alignment. Therefore it is easy to see that chiropractic and massage therapy compliment each other.

The bottom line is that chiropractic and massage therapy are compatible forms of health-care that share the goal of your total well-being, not simply an absence of illness. Both offer natural hands-on, drug-free techniques. They can be used as preventative as well as restorative therapies. When used in combination, they help you maintain your optimum health and enjoy life to the fullest!

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